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Charting Success: Unleashing the Power of Organizational Effectiveness Consulting

Does your company operate as effectively as you desire?

Organizational Effectiveness Consulting is the practice of analyzing various aspects of an organization, such as its structure, processes, culture, and resources, to identify areas for improvement and implement strategies for positive change.

I have found the most critical place to begin this journey is with an analysis of the culture of the Leadership Team and the employees. Great cultures will carry all aspects of the company forward, while an unintentional culture may work to the detriment of the organization.

One of my clients had allowed the company culture to develop around procedures, being right and finding someone to blame. There were discussions going on regularly that were solely about who was right and who was wrong in the delivery of a project. No one stopped to consider the impact on the customer and things went badly.  It wasn’t until they could see the impact or cost of this cultural miss-match that they were able to refocus on the client and create a more client centric culture. With this change, they were able to successfully deliver projects with much higher customer satisfaction.

The culture of an organization is much more than a “feel good” situation. A culture of execution, for example, will ensure strategic intentions become reality and not just paper on a shelf collecting dust.

A customer centric culture may have front line employees empowered to make financial decisions for the benefit of the customer. Or have processes designed to maximize customer satisfaction.

2 men talking and 1 man giving consultation.

Cultures that are flexible and innovative and where individuals take responsibility for results – moving away from bureaucratic silos where formulaic approaches dominate, should be a key goal of any organization.

As a company leader, you decide what type of culture is required to create your best opportunity for success. In this way you will create an Intentional Culture as opposed to an Unintentional Culture where entitlement, being right, or passing the buck may become the Way-of-Being for the organization.

Culture is a way to create workability and success within organizations or Organizational Effectiveness.

Once a successful culture is created, structure, processes, strategies, and resources can be better managed as a higher degree of workability will be present.

As Peter Drucker famously said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”!

To have great organizational effectiveness, Culture should be Job One!

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