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Kelly Townsend
35-year business professional, 20 years coaching and training in Ontology - the study of being - for sales, business development, leadership development and team alignment. Delivering programs in healthcare, legal and financial service industries.
Over 30 years experience as a Senior Executive in leading & owning companies, including ventures in financial, oil & gas, real estate and the largest Canadian - owned insurance brokerage. Experienced at leadership and corporate vision alignment.
Jody has over 30 years’ experience leading a diverse ontological curriculum for an international training and development company. She has led to 1000’s of participants as well as trained 100’s in the curriculum. Jody has been working with individuals to train and develop them in the being of a leader.
Jackie has trained and developed Leaders in Ontology and Transformation since 2014. She has 25 years of Sales and Marketing experience and is in the top 10% with the number one Real Estate Company in the world. Jackie’s known for being unstoppable in making the difference for her clients.
Diane Emery-Dimaggio
Her combination of business, technology and language resulted in a passion for ongoing development; this led her to spend the last 30 years delivering seminars for personal and professional growth, resulting in 10,000+ people achieving extraordinary performance in their life and business.


Principal, Transformational Leadership Consultant

Kelly’s 35-year history as a business professional working with both large enterprises and small to medium-sized businesses provides her with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by her clients. For the past 20 years, she has developed breakthrough results for organizations, transformed leadership skills and aligned teams in a range of sectors globally including healthcare, construction, legal and financial services.

Kelly’s rare ability to listen and hear what is happening at a deeper level with her clients, and understand what is missing, sets her apart from other transformational management consultants. She is on a mission to create transformation and possibility for each and every one of them.

“In the lifecycle of a business, there are always going to be challenges. Through Kelly, I now have a framework to work through them. She helps me to shift my thinking so that I can come up with a solution. That’s her genius. She’s been my lifeline and it's great to have her support. Kelly is my superpower.” Phil DeBiasi, President Advocate In-home Care Services, Co-Founder, Intero

Group - HIM Services

Kelly’s clients go on to become the kind of leaders who are needed in the world today. She is based out of Naples, Florida and is a mother and a grandmother of two, plays Pickleball, enjoys nature walks and sings alto in the Naples Holiday Carolers.

“In today’s increasingly stressful world and quickly changing world, we need a new kind of leader. It is critical for leaders to understand performance and their ability to achieve breakthrough results rests on who they are. Authentic listening and speaking are imperative to engage their people and to create a different kind of future.” - Kelly


Principal, Strategic Management Consultant

Over 30 years of experience as a business owner and in senior executive roles including the largest Canadian-owned insurance brokerage as well as in several companies including the financial, oil and gas and real estate sectors.

Jon has been described as ‘the architect of systems’ as he is highly skilled at grasping the big picture. He sees what may be missing in a business design or opportunities that have been overlooked.

Jon’s background led to understanding how critical engagement is to organizational success, whether it’s small or large-scale companies. Through Leaders Team’s transformational leadership methodology, Jon offers deep expertise in what it takes to be a true leader and to align culture with the corporate vision.

“Working with Jon on our strategy has meant that we’re achieving our goals including scaling to set up a second office in another city. He’s been such a big part of making that come to life by first helping us to gain clarity and then working with us to create the strategy and implement the tactics to execute our vision. Jon’s the first person I call when I’ve got team issues or other difficult situations to work through.” Justin Ford, Ford’s Experience, Naples, Florida — World-class home customization

Jon works with clients on an international basis. He lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He is the father of two daughters and grandfather to five. He loves the outdoors and spends as much time as possible in nature.

“The work we do has a direct impact on companies. There’s no question it absolutely makes a difference in the ability to operate and produce results. But the big benefit is to the people themselves. There is no one that does this work who doesn't benefit from it personally and take it into their home and their relationships.” -Jon


Transformational Leadership Consultant

Jody is a masterful coach with over 30 years as a senior manager in multiple industries including computer services, education, finance, health insurance, non-profit, retail, restaurant, staffing/recruitment, and training/development, with Fortune 500 companies and start-ups. She has successfully turned around business performance for many individuals and organizations, resulting in increased profitability and productivity.

Jody is skilled at uncovering the source of what is working and what’s not productive for her clients. She works alongside them to transform their leadership abilities and to implement systems and processes to achieve breakthrough results. Jody also has over 25 years’ experience leading thousands of participants through a curriculum designed for ongoing personal growth and development.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Jody is ardent and spirited about coaching individuals and groups to produce breakthrough results. She is married and has two sons, one in Atlanta and one in Stockholm, Sweden, and has four grandchildren.

“I am passionate about working with individuals and groups to turn around their struggling businesses. I help clients to see what’s working and what’s not working and guiding them toward fulfilling their commitment and vision. Results are what count, and that’s what I help deliver.” — Jody


Transformational Leadership Consultant

Transforming leaders since 2014, Jackie’s background includes 25 years of sales and marketing experience. She has also been included as a top 10% sales leader in the number one real estate company in the world.

In addition to transformational consulting, she is also the owner of two successful businesses where she leads high-performing teams. Jackie brings the leadership and determination which led to her own success into coaching her Leaders Team clients.

“I’ve been working with Jackie for about 18 months now. I experienced results almost immediately in both my professional and personal lives. Those changes have been sustainable, which hasn’t happened with other coaches. The Leaders Team approach that Jackie offers completely changed how I show up in the world. I'm serious -- it is transformational. I had been struggling with the same issues for many years. I would have some success and then crash, repeatedly. This new way of being in the the world has changed that -- I understand now what was happening internally for me. . I can’t say enough about how much I love working with Jackie and how grateful I am for her.” Denise Summers, Business Owner, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Jackie is based in Florida and works with clients on an international basis. She is a wife and mother and is passionate about leadership, health and vitality.

“I hold myself to be a leader in every area of my life. I lead my family. I lead my businesses, I lead my clients, I lead my team, and I lead myself. That’s who I hold myself to be. When something is inconsistent with what I believe to be possible, I am tenacious about transforming it from a place of it’s not going to happen to it being possible.” -Jackie


Transformational Leadership Consultant

A visionary leader, Diane established a successful woman-owned business renowned for its commitment to quality and meticulous attention to detail. This dedication has placed her company among the Top 100 Women-Owned Businesses in Tampa Bay, primarily driven by recognition and word-of-mouth referrals.

Her passion for transformation and empowerment has led her to conduct professional growth seminars, where she has inspired over 10,000 individuals to achieve exceptional performance. Diane's advanced listening skills and empathetic coaching approach foster a non-judgmental, supportive environment, encouraging clients to embrace authenticity and realize their full potential.

A fervent advocate for giving back, Diane actively serves on the boards of three nonprofit organizations, dedicated to animal rescue, amplifying voices from poverty- stricken communities, and leveraging her business acumen for societal benefit.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Diane as a project partner and also had the opportunity to attend courses that she facilitated. As a facilitator, Diane knows how to make abstract concepts understandable, and she works patiently with learners to bring them along on the journey. As a learner, I’ve found her facilitation to be impactful and engaging.” Karien Barker, Head of Resource Development, Wealthvox, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Based in Florida, Diane’s profound influence extends to individuals and businesses alike, as she continues to be a trusted advisor and a catalyst for positive change.

“The epiphany that the world exists in our dialogues and perceptions was transformative for me. It was then I understood that at every moment, I am bestowed with an incredible power of choice - to shape our reality through what I speak and how I listen. This realization has been my guiding force, empowering me to actively craft the narrative of my life and influence the world around me.” Diane

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