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Being Ahead: Leading from the Future

In today’s dynamic business landscape, the concept of Leading from the Future has gained traction as a potent approach to effective leadership. Unlike most traditional methods, which often react to current or past circumstances, Leading from the Future involves proactively envisioning and shaping a desired future state and then enrolling others in that vision. It includes a blend of visionary thinking and a commitment to ongoing learning and adaptation.

But how does this concept translate to achieving sales quotas? 

Let’s explore through an actual case study scenario:

In the second year of operations, I was working with a leadership team tasked by the founder with setting sales goals for 2024 and achieving them through their sales team—the target: 3,000 sales units for the year. However, the previous year’s sales totaled a mere 326 units. This daunting increase of 820% (yes, an 820% increase) seemed unattainable to the sales department, leading to frustration and skepticism.

In this “top-down” or “dictated” approach, the team might have dismissed the goal as unrealistic and driven management to resort to incentivizing performance. While many businesses leverage incentives, this mindset often fosters an atmosphere of resignation, resentment, and competition rather than collaboration. Additionally, the high-stress atmosphere often contributes to high turnover rates.

Unleash More Potential with a Created Future

A professional man in a suit pointing at a paper leading the future.Alternatively, embracing Leading from the Future can dramatically shift the organization’s focus from fixing the past to what could be possible. Leading from the Future emphasizes a future that is not “top-down” or “dictated” but a future that is created and aligned by each of the significant constituencies of the organization. Through this approach, people across the organization experience an ownership role in that future.  In addition, this created future allows people to experience contributing to the realization of that future as a self-expression. Simply put, Leading from the Future unleashes people’s potential across the organization.

In our case study mentioned earlier, this shift in perspective led the team to consider the vast market potential. With over 171.8 million Amazon Prime subscribers in the United States alone, the sales goal suddenly appeared within reach. This realization ignited a sense of possibility among the team, spurring them to devise actionable plans to achieve their vision.

Leading from the future necessitates embracing discomfort and uncertainty. It requires leaders to challenge conventional thinking and foster a culture of innovation within their organizations. Rather than fearing the unknown, they harness its potential to drive positive change and growth.

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