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Charismatic Change: Unveiling the Relationship Between Transformational Leadership and Charisma

Transformational Leadership

“I give up, I’m just not extraordinary like other people!” was the declaration that was fired back at me by one of my clients recently. She had been working on having a breakthrough in her business and feeling frustrated by the lack of ground taken. Her explanation for the failure to produce the result she was committed to, is that there is just something about her that makes it impossible to have extraordinary results in her business. She went on to list the examples of reasons why she had decided to just stop trying to be a leader in business and stick to what she knows best.  Her list included many comparisons to the people she has been observing in other industries, and she was adamant that since, in her judgment of herself and others, she is not like other successful business leaders, she would never be able to be a successful leader in business herself so why bother trying!

Without examining leadership closely, this is a common misconception people end up with after many failed attempts at being a business leader.  Are people born leaders, or are leaders created?  Well, if people were born leaders, I’d be out of a job!

metamorphosis, and that's what transformational leadership looks like. The great news is leadership is not some property or quality that exists inside of us. Effective leadership is not at all hinged on things like charisma, intelligence, being wealthy or famous, etc. as many have falsely believed.  Take for instance popular leaders in our world today. Would you say they are all likable, charismatic, or even moral? In The Being a Leader and the Effective Exercise of Leadership Course, we have participants complete an exercise where they make a list of all of the attributes a leader MUST have. Participants come up with all kinds of wonderful and noble qualities they believe a leader must have.  When we take that list and ask “Can you think of a leader that wasn’t (for example) honest”, of course that list is long. Participants are always amazed and empowered when they discover for themselves that there is nothing inherently required to be effective as a leader other than the belief in the possibility of leadership itself.

With my client, in her upset, I asked her if she was willing to look newly and discover something she didn’t know. She didn’t know about what was in the way of her having the breakthrough she wanted in her business. I stood for her uncovering a blind spot that would potentially open a whole new world allowing her to see what has been stopping her from really going for it! As long as we stay curious, stay open, remove the comparisons, and listen for what’s in the way, she can and will be an effective leader. After a brief exploration, she did begin to uncover a blind spot that pointed us directly to her access for a breakthrough. She laughed and thanked me for not giving up on her as easily as she was giving up on herself.

To be an effective leader, it is very useful to have access to all ways of being and all ways of acting and to be courageous enough to remove self-imposed limitations, judgments, and comparisons.  Each of us has a unique expression of leadership to share with the world, and the world is waiting.

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