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Leveraging Technology to Improve Productivity and Efficiency

Effective Communication Strategies to Enhance Employee Productivity

With a recent client engagement, we worked through a common challenge that many employers face: enhancing employee productivity and engagement.

The impact of low employee engagement is costly. In fact, a disengaged employee can waste up to 50% of their salary in unproductive work. These workers exhibit higher rates of absenteeism (37%), accidents (49%), and errors (60%).

On the other hand, companies that have high employee engagement experience a 17% higher productivity rate and lower turnover rates. IBM estimates that organizations with positive employee experiences enjoy nearly three times more return on assets and double the return on sales compared to those with negative employee experiences.

It’s crucial for employees to deliver results promptly, possess problem-solving skills, and remain committed to the company’s objectives. But how can employers effectively communicate with them to achieve these goals?

A woman discussing with two men and another woman at a table, leveraging technology.Recognize the power of language in driving workplace success. When you take the time to listen to the words you are using most often, you can gain a deep understanding of your company culture. Are you routinely talking about employees competing for better results? That probably isn’t fostering collaboration within the team.

Communication involves sending and receiving messages. As a leader, you must use clear and honest language regarding expectations and desired outcomes. However, you also must be present to employees’ perspectives and feedback. When you authentically listen, you and your employee can address the underlying issues affecting their performance collaboratively.

Recognize the uniqueness of each individual on the team. While you must treat everyone fairly, their individual obstacles and motivations can vary dramatically based on their generational influences, stages of life, and goals within the company. When you stay present and recognize the uniqueness of the individual, you will offer more effective support and guidance to help your team members rise to the next level.

While these strategies hold promise, the question remains: how do we effectively communicate and engage our employees? If you’re interested in refining your leadership’s language and communication skills to inspire productivity, we offer tailored training programs designed to equip you with the language tools necessary for success.

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