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Transformational Leadership: Driving Performance

One of the most common reasons that our team is brought in for Leadership Development is to help teams improve their performance. Through years of experience, mentoring and coaching, seasoned executives have a better understanding of inspiring confidence and performance in their team.

However, as new leaders are promoted, they often get stuck in a cycle of spending too much time reacting to situations, making team members “wrong” for their mistakes instead of being responsible for their performance. It costs the business valuable time and money, while the team’s overall performance remains stagnant.

Imagine, if you were promoted to a new leadership position and your boss tells you that someone on your team did not perform and another department is complaining about it. What would your first reaction be? Embarrassment? Blaming your subordinate?

Most people don’t naturally say to themselves, “this kind of situation is a real opportunity to develop my skills in being successful as a leader.” And, this is a real opportunity to develop the skill of not reacting, being responsible and becoming an explorer in how to impact others’ performance which is really your job as a leader.

Business meeting in office with professionals engaged in discussion, exemplifying transformational leadership.As challenging as it can be to be responsible for others’ performance when you are the leader, that is just how you want to respond. Being responsible and taking responsibility is a first step to impacting performance.  When you as a leader can create for yourself the principle, “the performance of the people I lead represents my performance,” this can be an opening for developing the kind of thinking that will empower yourself and the person’s performance you need to impact.

The key to establishing this principle for yourself requires you giving up making yourself or your team members wrong for not performing. That may sound crazy at first but you will notice when you make yourself or others wrong it does not get you or them to perform better, in fact it gets in the way of being effective.

As a leader your job is to take away the experience of “something is wrong” so you can actually deal with what happened or what was missing to ensure the mistake does not happen in the future. It is an effective approach as it leads you down a path of discovery of “what happened or was missing” rather than “who is at fault or blame” which has a very different outcome.

This will empower you and the performer to look from a more neutral perspective that opens up new ideas. In addition, this approach establishes a culture where people see breakdowns in performance as opportunities for growth and learning.

Leaders who understand that growth comes from dealing with mistakes or breakdowns in performance as learning opportunities will empower their leadership and empower people to perform.

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